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Welcome to the House of ATTON, the beacon of true enlightenment rooted in the ancient wisdom of the Nile Valley. Here, we honor our ancestors' teachings and prioritize ancestral artifacts over mere religious dogma.

Joining our movement means embracing the highest consciousness on Earth. We offer three tiers of membership tailored to your aspirations and desire to contribute to our nation's growth.

ATTON stands for "Ancient Tehutian Teachings of Neteru," embodying our commitment to the profound teachings of the Neteru. Our slogan, "THE NETERU EXIST," echoes the core belief of our forebears, guiding us to preserve the sacred knowledge of the world's earliest innovators in language, mathematics, spirituality, OBE (out of body experiences), medicine, masonry, and so much more.

Embrace the legacy of the first people on Earth who shaped civilization as we know it. Join us at the House of ATTON and awaken to the true essence of existence with the great leadership of Saba Tehuti Amun Htp Ra!

SAB SCRIIIBE 𓃥𓏟 ~Ani Ptah Aten Tehuti